Notice for Online Application

Welcome to apply for Shanghai University!
Please read the following carefully before starting your application.

  1. Please choose proper access for your application. Applicants applying for the scholarship should click the Online Scholarship Application.
  2. The applicant is required to read and know the admission conditions for the applied program. For more information please visit our website at。
  3. Sign up a user account by an email address. Please note that all correspondence will go to this address.
  4. When filling in your personal information and program information, please make sure the authenticity and validity.
  5. Make sure all necessary documents required to be uploaded close at hand before starting your application.(Download:
  6. Remember to save after finishing each page.
  7. Submit the application and pay a NON-REFUNDABLE application fee of RMB 500. Otherwise, we may not process your application.
  8. After you have submitted the application, an application acknowledgment with your application number will be sent to you by email. If you do not receive it, please contact us by call (+86)021-56331820 or email:
  9. Successful applicants can check your application status via the online application system.
  10. If accepted, the electronic admission notice will be sent to you by email. If necessary, the paper documents will be delivered to your correspondence address.
  11. Applicants are liable for any error or invalidity of the information filled in.